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About Micro Video Products

Micro Video Products started business in 1996

For almost two decades,  we have supplied cutting edge technology to thousands of satisfied clients.

With a vast knowledge of the needs and desires for new industrial inspection applications.

We have provided custom solutions to many worldwide nuclear plants and laboratories dealing with "nasty" or adverse hostile conditions.

Surveillance means many things to different users - sometimes it's for personal or bodily security - sometimes for critical component inspection in industry.  We have solutions.

For example, many pulp and paper plants use our cameras in critical and dangerous locations. This thereby removes the need to have employees in hazardous conditions, and aids in important monitoring of critical machinery.

Our cameras are in employed in helicopters, civilain and military aircraft, and all kinds of industrial robotic applications.

Of course if you are a lab technician, an engineer or a novice entrepreneur looking for help - we have a great deal of application guidance to offer.  

We have aided many mechanical engineers solve their application problems.

We can help YOU!

Please call us at    1.800.213.8111   

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or email at info@microvideo.ca

To help you understand our capability better, here is a list of recent actual typical client needs. However, the  applications over these many years since 1996 is much larger than we can detail here. 

Our Recent Client Applications

Nuclear inspection

Oil/gas pipeline inspection

Turbine pressure vessel inspection

Laboratory video system

Machine tool inspection

Pulp / paper machine inspection

Fish habitat observation

Ordnance Manufacturing inspection

Mining borehole inspection

Marine vessel cameras

Animal burrow inspection

Amphibious vehicles test cameras

Fish study Aquaculture cameras

Asphalt process inspection

Engine compartment inspection

Automobile design research

Grain terminal camera

Grain loading inspection

Assembly line surveillance

Lobster trap surveillance

Weld inspection

Chemical tank surveillance

OPG inspection systems

Underwater welding Monitor 

Agricultural plant inspection

University research laboratory

Environmental research

Automobile engine manufacturing

Coast Guard Hull inspection

Onboard yacht cameras

Ruggedized aggregate inspection

Quarry machinery camera

Marine vehicle cameras

Decontamination cameras

Animal behavior systems

Natural resources management 

Parking lot monitors

License plate detection

License plate recognition LPR

Police car cameras

Taxi cameras

Athletic training systems

Human motion study

Sleep apnea study

University research laboratory

ANPR highway camera 

Tool and die monitoring

Lumber mill cameras

In-flight cameras

Fuel depot surveillance

Neuronic engineering

Diving services

Hydraulic mechanism study

Mechanical device study

Aeronautical engineering study

Toxic waste surveillance 

Swimming technology

Fisheries management

Surface infrastructure inspection

Subsurface infrastructure inspection

Heavy machinery / truck camera

Vehicle safety mechanisms

Ballistics study

Robotic humanoid study

Custom home inspection camera

Underwater bridge inspection

Aviation FAA cameras

Power Generation systems inspection

Underwater infrastructure inspection

Drivetrain manufacturing

Biology laboratory camera

Particle and nuclear physics lab

Motion detection camera

Intrusion detection

Submerged infrastructure inspection

Mining technology science

Remote site surveillance  O

Obstacle Detection

Pipe lining systems

Pipe rehabilitation cameras

Underwater corrosion inspection

Road construction inspection

Manufacturing plant surveillance

Building construction visuals

Tool manufacturing inspection

Submerged corrosion inspection

Ship hull corrosion inspection

Locomotion study

Mechanical integrity inspection

Sports activity study

Power generation inspection

Instrumentation camera system

Power resources fish ladder

Optical design laboratory

Laser marking cameras

High-speed inspection

Airfield monitoring

Aircraft design and evaluation

Decommissioning cameras

Driving behavior study

Remote head camera

Vehicle rear vision camera 

This is just a sample of the many applications that our clients have had recently.  We have satified each and every one with either our OTS (off the shelf) goods or with our customized equipment. We can help you with your application.  Give us a call. Thank-you for your many years of consideration.