MV-Quad Eyes - Digital Video Surveillance
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Product Features
4 camera video inputs multiplexer
Video motion detection technology, programmable multiple detection zones for each camera
Digital video recording and playback
Recording resolution up to 320x240 (NTSC) or 384x288 (PAL)
Configurable alarm trigger for each camera
Continuously and Alarm trigger recording modes


Specifications of MV-Quad Eyes
4 composite video input (RCA connectors) Video motion detection technology
Adjustable recording frame rate for each camera, 1 frame/sec to 15 frames/sec Programmable multiple detection zones for each camera
320x240 pixels (NTSC), 384x288 pixels (PAL), 24-bit true color Adjustable motion detection sensitivity threshold setting
Motion/Schedule to trigger host to remote connection via modem/modem or ip/ip. With login and password to specific camera. Digital Video Recording mode :- Alarm trigger recording
Video Standard : NTSC, or PAL Send WAV file to telephone
Control Setting : Brightness,Contrast, Saturation, Hue Multiple Alarm Trigger mode - Alarm from speaker - Alert message call to your pager or phone calls
Up to 4 camera monitoring window User Friendly Browse and Playback Video Log File
Zoom in/Zoom out any camera monitoring window by mouse Log File Management for each camera with Date, Time information
Microsoft Windows 98  
Microsoft Windows 2000 Wipes hard disk if full to specific capacity.
Bundle Software :
- MV-Quad-Eyes Driver,
- MV-Quad-Eyes Digital Surveillance Software
- MV-Quad-Eyes Communication Pack
- MV-Quad-Eyes Backup Utility

Requirements: At least a Pentium- II 350mhz.With 64mb ram, 8 mb video memory, 10 gig harddrive. With latest video drivers and directx 7.0a +.

Remote Monitoring through Modem, Internet or TCP/IP Networking (MV-Quad-Eyes Communication Pack required) Video Recording Backup Utility (MV-Quad Eyes Backup Utility required)

Frequently Asked Questions
Questions: Answers:
Will this product use my existing camcorder? Yes, the MV-Quad-Eyes works with any video camera with composite output
Can the MV-Quad-Eyes be added to my existing network? Yes, MV-Quad-Eyes can either use a static ip or dialup access to an existing network
Do I need to buy a motion sensor with the system? No, that is the specialty about the MV-Quad-Eyes! The motion sensor is all built into the software not hardware and is easy to set up.
Is it hard to install in an existing PC? The only conflicts we have found so far is with conflicting video cards and irq conflicts. But all were resolved by simple means. Plus you may e-mail us your computer specifications and we will help you with compatibility. Or simply buy one of our standalone systems and be setup quickly.
Can I view my cottage or business from home with this device? Yes, you simply install the remote viewing software at your home pc and either dial the machine or call it's internet address in the software and then you are done.

Pricing and choices
MV-Quad-Eyes Capture Card (PCI) w/software $499.00 USD

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