Micro Video (TM) Products

# MVC2120-WP Full Underwater Color

Miniature "Tube"
"Lipstick" Color Video Camera
with Built-in WHITE LED illuminators

 Submersible Color Camera with Illuminator© Side View over Ruler©

The Camera head easily works to 30 Meters of Water Depth!!
- Or use in adverse "water-soaked" weather applications
- easily Mounts anywhere with a single Screw!
- Full Swivel Mount Kit is Supplied

Helmet Cam - Click to see Picture of typical Helmet "Lipstick" Cam package

Excellent for Industrial Inspection in "Low" or "no ambient light" conditions

  1. WHITE LEDS built-in - can see in dark conditions - even "underwater"
  2. Heavy Duty Immersible Housing included
  3. - Full Swivel Mount Kit is Supplied
  4. Real CCD - solid state video sensor ("NOT" Low res. / low sensitivity CMOS type sensor)
  5. Output compatable with your VCR or video capture board

Camera Specifications:

Black/White VERSION available see.. see MVC2000-WP-LED

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MVC2120-WP ......... w/brass hsg. - Waterproof w/ WHITE LEDs $399 US
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