MV-Quad Eyes - Digital Video Surveillance


Driver Updates:

These drivers are now compatible with Windows XP!
As well as Windows 98 and Windows 2000, enjoy! With added compression codec's of MJPEG and MPEG-4 for optimal compression. You can now search through all cameras rather then one at a time. Enjoy!

These software/drivers upgrades are self-extracting zip's. Please run and choose where you would like to store the extracted files, then run setup.exe from that directory afterward. Enjoy!

Security for Local Transmitter v6.321 - definite update! DOWNLOAD
IP View v5.50 - definite update! DOWNLOAD
Modem View v5.20 (possibly the same as came on your cd-rom) DOWNLOAD

If you are having problems with playback of recorded movies on Windows 2000 and Windows XP, ensure you have up to date drivers installed for your video card. If so here's the trick;

Some video cards have hardware acceleration that causes conflicts, do this to resolve playback issues!

Under Windows XP:

1. Right Click on Desktop
2. Left Click Properties from the popup menu
3. Hit the Settings Tab
4. Click Advanced
5. Click the Troubleshoot tab
6. Then move the "Hardware Acceleration" slider down to the second notch disabling all directx acceleration for playback and Tadaaaaa! Hit apply and okay.

If this does not resolve your playback issues put the slider down to nothing and hit apply and reboot.

All other support inquiries can be sent to me directly
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